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3hrs Late - "Album of the year and a half" is ready for some serious mixing and mastering. 12.12.2012

Update on the Web layout and some cleaning on the code. 8.6.2011

Long time no news. Weve been pre-producing a bunch of songs. Dates are set to record the drum tracks. All other arrangements are on the way also. Plan is to get a full album of 10-12 pieces of latest Late. 27.5.2011

"There he goes. One of Gods own prototypes. Some kind of high powered mutant never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die..."

-Hunter S. Thompson

Here we go again... one new gig and mouth full of new songs coming up. Read the latest blog post.


Radio 957 edited interview here. 27.3.2009

Late to Radio, so tune your receptors to http://www.radio957.fi. Saturday 21st 14:00 - 15:00 and replay at Sunday 22nd 11:00 - 12:00. 17.3.2009

Check this link 5.3.2009

3hrs Late - Ms vale tarde que nunca including F#cked Up Deluxe Video. Video out now, CDs available in week 50. Contact dudes in the band or mail to band@3hrslate.com to get yours. 3.12.2008

At this date 3hrs Late has finished recording the fantastic four new songs. The mixing and other related stuff will take place at the following weeks. 5.10.2008

3hrs Late to Rukarock

3hrs Late to Studio in June so EP/Promo CD/Whatever is coming out.

Late @ MySpace

Few new Pics, click here.

Stage Music Finland has updated their pages, click here.

Too f@(|(1n funny!: Check this out. I actually lost a few drops to my pants laughing my ass off. Non 3hrs Late stuff.

New booking: Asko Salminen from Stage Music
09-3486 1513

Booking: DMD Agency and 3hrs Late made a deal. Gigs are mainly sold by the agency but dont hesitate to contact mr. Teme if you need head bangers to your party. 1.7.2007
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