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3hrs Late Old News (some of the links may be broken)
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Video here. 20.4.2007 Leonardo
Hyrslate BLOG is open. Direct address is http://3hrslate.blogspot.com/ 11.4.2007 Leonardo
Video is ready. Read more here. 15.2.2007 Leonardo
Hyrs Late to Pekilorok. 1.2.2007 Leonardo
3hrs Late is shooting a video and the editing will take place in the next two weeks. 20.1.2007 Leonardo
Rocktown gig 27.11.2006 Leonardo
Stuff available 27.11.2006 Leonardo
Read the first Meluzine!
3hrs Late at page 12.
18.10.2006 Leonardo
Few song at Mikseri.net, you can vote and leave your comments. 18.10.2006 Leonardo
3hrs Late is shooting a video. Mean while check this out. 10.10.2006 Leonardo
Reviews about BBB 4.10.2006 Leonardo
New Year Gig 4.10.2006 Leonardo
Lysna på BBB 16.9.2006 Leonardo
Hannibal Hämeenlinna Gigs 18.8.2006 Leonardo
3hrs Late in Rusinniemirock. 10.7.2006
New 3hrs Late EP "Bullet-Belt Boogie" available now. Damien would like this one 6.6.06 6.6.2006
3hrs Late @ Sensation Gigs 19.5.2006 Leonardo
3hrs Late @ HÄMPY MEETING Gigs 27.4.2006 Leonardo
3hrs Late in studio. 7.4.2006 Leonardo
Gigs 20.3.2006 Leonardo
3hrs Late is working with new material. EP or single is coming out later this year. 19.2.2006 Leonardo
Live at Sensation and stuff. 19.2.2006 Leonardo
www.3hrslate.com dig that! 5.12.2005 Leonardo
New Gig again! 29.11.2005 Leonardo
3 new Gigs! 24.11.2005 Leonardo
Ballads of Stone Cold Ed - review at Noise.fi 14.11.2005 Leonardo
New Gig 5.11.05, Ruovesi. 24.10.2005 Leonardo
3hrs Late Live at Casablanca 22.10.05. 13.10.2005 Leonardo
Review at imperiumi.net 28.7.2005 Leonardo
Review at desibeli.net 28.7.2005 Leonardo
New 3hrs Late EP is ready! Check the production page for purchase details. 20.7.2005 Leonardo
Pics from Jazz-Bar, Merci Monsieur Pude! 6.6.2005 Leonardo
"3hrs Late - Ballads of Stone Cold Ed" will be released within a few weeks.
EP will include 4 hard rock songs:
- Final Cut
- Hate Me
- Lowlife
- Stone Cold Ed
3.6.2005 Leonardo
Pics from Casablanca 2.6.2005 Leonardo
New Gig 15.5.2005 Leonardo
3hrs Late new EP recording starts today! 2.5.2005 Leonardo
3hrs Late is working with new EP release. Plan is to record four songs and release the EP sometime late spring or summer.
We´re also hoping to arrange an EP release gig!
22.2.2005 Leonardo
New Gig 22.2.2005 Leonardo
We are moving these pages to another server so it might cause some problems while surfing. http://drink.to/3hrslate stays up and runnig. 31.1.2005 Leonardo
New gig!
Casablanca Jämsä 29.1
14.1.2005 Leonardo
Mary hou hou!
New songs coming up and wuge is ready for gigs. So see you there, we´ll let you know where and when asap.
15.12.2004 Leonardo
Demo review in Noise.fi 4.11.2004 Leonardo
It was a close one, but ´Moses Hazy - Virginia Peng´ is the YleX demo of the week(44)
Thanks to all voters!
1.11.2004 Leonardo
Vote 3hrs Late - Probational Drinker in YleX X-ryhmä 27.10.2004 Leonardo
Fuck me! Jysky out, Wuge in!
More info coming up when we get some...
20.10.2004 Leonardo
New 3hrs Late demo "Random pick" mp3´s are now available.
Including tracks:
- Probational Drinker
- Deadloss
- Up Yours
All comments are welcome
7.10.2004 Leonardo
New demo out!
3hrs Late - Random pick. mp3´s can be downloaded at later date. Tracks are: Probational drinker, Deadloss and Up yours. Check the cover
4.10.2004 Leonardo
3hrs Late in Studio Watercastle 1-3.10.04 8.8.2004 Leonardo
drink.to/3hrslate back on line. 8.8.2004 Leonardo
drink.to/3hrslate out of order! Try these: www.3hrslate.tk
3.8.2004 Leonardo
Pylsyrock III pics here
22.6.2004 Leonardo
New gig! 10.7.2004 Music Bar Eq Lempäälä
17.5.2004 Leonardo
We have a date! Pylsyrock III in Ilokivi Jyväskylä
1.4.2004 Leonardo
No Strings Attached review in LetsMakeSomeNoise!
19.3.2004 Leonardo
While we´re waiting for gigs we’ve been working with some new material. At least two new songs to add to the setlist. Back to Watercastle we go… some day.
5.3.2004 Leonardo
New pics.
16.2.2004 Leonardo
New 3hrs Late demo "No Strings Attached" now available
including tracks:
1. Come to me
2. Negative Creep
3. Incoming
All comments are welcome
26.1.2004 Leonardo
Pylsyrock III (Grande Pylsy) is looking for bands! More info at Pylsyrock.
19.1.2004 Leonardo
Back to Watercastle!
Date is set for the studio session: 24.-25.1.2004
10.12.2003 Leonardo
Pylsy Rock II was a great success!
Check the site
10.12.2003 Leonardo
3hrs Late track downloads in MP3Lizard. (27.10.2003)
Fucking Great 2939
Lifestyle 448
Loose the Dress 123
Three steps behind 95
27.10.2003 Leonardo
New gigs added. Few seats open. 20.10.2003 Leonardo
Well it didn´t take that long! Vesa Vahala from Nokkonen is now playing Bass for 3hrs Late. Vesku will be rocking with 3hrs Late when he´s not busy with his band Nokkonen. And he´s not. http://www.nokkonen.vze.com 10.10.2003 Leonardo
3hrs Late is looking for new bass player! Any ideas?, just contact 3hrs Late. 24.9.2003 Leonardo
Lepakko decided to withdraw from the band because of his lack of time. Lepakko is a huge part of 3hrs Late´s history with all his valuable work to the band. 3hrs Late will like to thank Lepakko and wishes the best to him and his family. 24.9.2003 Leonardo
3hrs Late track downloads in MP3Lizard. (16.9.2003)
Fucking Great 2610
Lifestyle 408
Loose the Dress 67
Three steps behind 61
16.9.2003 Leonardo
3hrs Late Demo review in LetsMakeSomeNoise
11.9.2003 Leonardo
New songs, studio sessions and gigs coming up. We´ll keep it rolling!
27.8.2003 Leonardo
There will be a new Web poll every month from this day on. Right here
27.8.2003 Leonardo
Pics from Pylsy Rock!
27.8.2003 Leonardo
New songs, studio sessions and gigs coming up. We´ll keep it rolling!
27.8.2003 Leonardo
Tickets to Pylsy Rock are sold by Juha "Spade" Virtanen: +358 40 743 4292 or you can contact 3hrs Late. Click here!
23.7.2003 Leonardo
First gig sold to Pylsy Rock Tampere 26.7.2003. Set will include the following songs:
- Broken
- Three steps behind
- Head of the headless
- Lifestyle
- Fucking Great
- Loose the dress
- At the end
- Nothing for money
23.7.2003 Leonardo
3hrs Late at www.radiodemo.net. Go and vote the band! 16.6.2003 Leonardo
New pics at the pics page. 16.5.2003 Leonardo
´Three steps behind´ and ´Loose the dress´ are available in mp3 format at the production page. Also Long Story Short demo review (rumba 05/02). 29.4.2003 Leonardo
Pics and mp3´s from Watercastle are on they way. 8.4.2003 Leonardo
Studio session done. ´Three steps behind´ and ´Loose the dress´ have the grooving tones that we wanted, thanks to Arttu. Keep on rockin!! There´s always more to come... 8.4.2003 Leonardo
Date is set for the studio session. It´s 4-5.4.2003. Two songs that we are planing to record are a bit more hard rock. With Arttu Sarvanne we should get the sound groove. 13.2.2003 Leonardo
Yammy, Yammy, Yammy, I´ve got love in my tammy. This means that there is a studio session coming up. This time in Studiowatercastle 13.2.2003 Leonardo
Go and vote for 3hrs Late´s best song, here 10.1.2003 Leonardo
´Fucking Great´ took the first place in www.mp3lizard.com´s Last week´s Top 5 chart! 10.1.2003 Leonardo
3hrs Late website also available at: www.3hrslate.tk 13.12.2002 Leonardo
Jysky is back, Equipment: Yamaha Stage Custom with Zildjian cymbals. 4.12.2002 Leonardo
New blood in the ring. Juuso Vesterinen will be filling out Jyskys busy schedule. Equipment: Pearl World Series. 20.8.2002 Leonardo
New songs coming up again, stay on tune. And please use the guestbook! All comments are welcome. 20.5.2002 Leonardo
Long Story Short - Demo Review in Rumba no:05/02 Check it out !! Fucking Great! 15.3.2002 Leonardo
Happy new year 2002! Ville is in the states, will be back in April. Couple of new songs coming up, so stay in tune! 17.2.2002 Leonardo
Got the Studio pics, here. 31.12.2001 Leonardo
mp3 stuff now available! right here. 31.12.2001 Leonardo
Studio session in Studio Dreamhouse Lempäälä 14.-15.12.2001 6 songs in two days! mp3 stuff is coming up. 31.12.2001 Leonardo
Few lyrics here. 12.10.2001 Leonardo
Some pictures here. 26.9.2001 Leonardo
Good news! Jysky got a new pedal for his drum kit! It´s a bit faster than the old one, Uh Yeah Right! 31.9.2001 Leonardo
Nothing new The same Uh Yeah Right! goes on. 31.9.2001 Leonardo
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